Hi, We're Vanessa & Shayne.

Lovers of bass music, van lifers, dog parents, Michigan natives, digital nomads, advocates for good, and lovers of the outdoors. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we set out for a non-traditional lifestyle and left the "normal" 9-5 behind.

For two years, we lived in our Sprinter van full-time, traveling from coast to coast in the USA along with our husky pitbull boxer pup, Zorro. Now, we're establishing some roots in Denver, planning our next van build, and working on our passion projects (while still doing some traveling).

What's Our Why?

We believe that now is the time to act on your dreams and live the life that you want. That's why we've created vanessaandshayne.com. It's a space for us to share our story, give resources, and, hopefully, inspire you to pursue your dreams and what makes you happy. Learn more →

Van Life & Traveling

Check out some of our resources, including van life tips and what it means to be a digital nomad.


Digital nomad. Website developer. Photographer. Designer. Lover of hiking, camping, dubstep, yoga, and reading.

three dots


Digital nomad. Software developer. Lover of good food, hiking, camping, and bass music.


Three-year old husky-pitbull-boxer. Lover of hiking, playing ball, finding sticks, and the outdoors.

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7 Tips We Learned From Our First Weeks of Van Life

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