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About Vanessa & Shayne

Hi! We're Vanessa and Shayne. Lovers of bass music, van lifers, dog parents, Michigan natives, digital nomads, advocates for good, and lovers of the outdoors. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we set out for a non-traditional lifestyle and left the "normal" 9-5 behind.

For two years, we lived in our Sprinter van full-time, traveling from coast to coast in the USA along with our husky pitbull boxer pup, Zorro. Now, we're establishing roots in Denver, planning our next van build, and working on our passion projects (while still doing some traveling). We appreciate you tuning in and reading our story!

What's Our Why?

We believe that now is the time to act on your dreams and live the life that you want. That's why we've created It's a space for us to:

  • Share our story (and have a digital archive to look back on)
  • Educate and provide resources based on what we've learned
  • And, hopefully, inspire you to pursue your dreams and what makes you happy
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Vanessa is currently a full-time Website Project Manager for a digital marketing agency, overseeing website builds and managing client communication for website projects. She is originally from the Metro Detroit, Michigan area, and has a bachelor's degree in advertising and public relations with minors in nonprofit administration and photography from Grand Valley State University.

Some of Vanessa's hobbies and favorite things are hiking, camping, taking photographs with her DSLR camera, creating digital or mixed media pieces of art, reading, yoga, and going to dubstep concerts and festivals.

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Shayne currently freelances for a variety of clients while working toward becoming a full-stack developer. He is originally from Lapeer, Michigan, and attended Spring Arbor University before deciding to switch directions from pre-med (chiropractic) to software development.

Some of Shayne's hobbies and favorite things are producing dubstep music, hiking, kendama, camping, and going to dubstep shows and festivals.


Our husky-pitbull-boxer mix pup, Zorro, has a big personality, and an even bigger love for the outdoors. We adopted him from a family in West Michigan during the pandemic, shortly before we bought and started building out our Sprinter van. He was six months old when we started van life and has probably visited more states than the average dog!

Some of Zorro's favorite things are playing ball, going on hikes, finding sticks, searching for lizards or other critters on our hikes, and just being outside in general.

Our Values

  • Do Good, For All
  • Intentional Words & Actions
  • Transparency & Truth
  • Efficiency
  • Personal Growth & Awareness
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