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top five places traveled to in the US

Top 5 Favorite Places We’ve Traveled to in the US

From when we left for van life in the winter of 2020 until the end of 2022, Shayne and I traveled to 26 different states, spanning four time zones. We’ve seen countless rock formations, ocean views, mountains, and rivers. But there were a few states that really stood out to us as we traveled across…

van life tips

7 Tips We Learned From Our First Weeks of Van Life

Simply put, van life is the lifestyle of living in a vehicle full-time or part-time. We wanted to share our van life tips because changing our lifestyle brought so many benefits to our lives, including: That’s not to say that changes don’t come without challenges, though. Life threw quite a few at us while we…

van life destinations map

Discover the Best Travel Desinations with Our Digital Map!

Are you looking for new and exciting places to explore? Submit your email address and we'll give you access to our exclusive digital map, which marks all of the locations we've researched over our years of van life. Additionally, we'll give you access to our Verified Good Times map, which marks locations we've been to and would recommend you check out! We are constantly adding locations to these maps.